ALP-Piaggio Liberty 125 iget 4T-3V

(Demonstrator vehicle)


Based on the air-cooled 125cc Piaggio Liberty, currently we are finishing a rolling demonstrator vehicle with ALP-supercharger. Beside several detail improvements regarding the ALP supercharger, the visual integration of the ALP components into the vehicle, was our primary focus. Further technical and physical considerations pointed out the position of the ALP-pump between rear wheel and exhaust gas silencer. The advantages of this ALP arrangement are:

⦁ ALP-pump and exhaust gas tubes are combined with the silencer system into one unit

⦁ Vehicle chassis, fairings, helmet storage volume (under the seat) remain completely unmodified

⦁ The ALP is covered by the silencer system already at 70-80%

⦁ The ALP-arrangement is suitable for all scooter propulsion with single swing arm (CVT) independent from the manufacturer

⦁ Without any package problems larger ALP-systems for higher engine displacements can be positioned in this way

Ridable demonstrator “ Piaggio Liberty 125cc with ALP-supercharger”

Performance improvements

The air-cooled ALP-supercharged Piaggio engine (3V-iget) has arrived with its vigorous peak performance (14 hp) the level of the high reving naturally aspirated water-cooled four valve engines, but this on lower engine speed level. The ALP-engine offers with a maximum torque of 13,6Nm in a wide range a surplus 10-20% compared to the four valve engines. Regarding the original factory engine the ALP-engine increased torque by 40% and performance by 30% at the best. Noise emissions are on factory level due to the unmodified exhaust gas silencer. The airbox was lightly modified for the higher gas flow. For the final completion the vehicle will be equipped with a longer final drive to increase drivability combined with real fuel savings.


⦁ With the ALP-supercharger common air-cooled engines touch or surpass the performance of expensive water-cooled naturally aspirated four valve engines

⦁ The excellent acceleration of the ALP-engine due to the high torque at medium speed range is generally not reachable with naturally aspirated engines

⦁ Results of the real fuel savings will be presented by completing the vehicle in the near future

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