Our products

  • We produce for you ALP-prototypes
  • We put you on disposal ALP-components for your own test trials
  • We supply small series of ALPs

ALP-25 for engines with 100-300cc displacement

  • The new ALP-25 generally is suitable for cylinder displacements between 100-300cc
  • The ALP-25 has an outer diameter of 250mm and a total height of 60mm and mostly can be integrated into smaller vehicles without problems
  • As well it is possible to cascade two ALP-25 to a double “D-ALP-25” for the application on 200-300cc engines


ALP-25 in a 125ccm scooter

ALP-25 scooter2
  • We have integrated the ALP-25 into a 125cc scooter, which will be tested and optimized in between the following month on our engine performance tester
  • There will be tested both a fuel saving engine version (downspeeding) on the performance level of the factory engine and a performance increased version to take advantage of the legal limit of 15hp (max. output for 125cc vehicles in EU)
  • Beside optimized torque- and performance characters also mappings of specific fuel consumption will be generated

Our Services

  • We design ALPs individually for your engine
  • We test and optimize in-house your engine on our performance tester with respectively without ALP
  • We optimize the ALP-layout for your engine regarding torque characteristic and specific fuel consumption
  • We optimize the ALP-layout corresponding your requirements
  • We support you with the integration of the ALP into your vehicle respectively engine design

Performance tester

Our performance tester (Amerschläger P4) will be fit fore use shortly. The P4-performance tester is equipped with an eddy current brake, means performance tests can be executed as well directly via the eddy current brake as indirectly by the mass moment of inertia of the roller.Subsequent research we will execute:

  • Performance tests at the rear wheel for two-wheel-vehicles

  • Direct performance test at the crankshaft of the engine (max. permanent load 50kW)
  • Measurement of specific fuel consumption, torque, power, mean pressure, AFR, exhaust gas temperature, etc.
  • Creation of mappings
  • Tuning / optimization of customers engines with ALP-supercharger
  • Continuous examination of engine / ALP-supercharger
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